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Striped pleated trouser


55.00 $

Mr.Max 1940's style ,black and white striped pleated trouser-High waist with zipper and button-2 side pockets-Belt loops-Circa 1980 Size: SmallWaist: 27 "Inseam: 28 "Legs: 40.5 "85% Polyester35% ViscoseMade in Canada..

Camel wool pants


45.00 $

The Square Circle 1940's style,camel wool trousers with pleats-High waist with zipper and button on the left side-2 side pockets-Circa 1980Size: XsmallWaist: 25 "Inseam: 34.5 "Legs: 46 "55% Polyester45% WoolMade in Canada..

Hudson's Bay


350.00 $

Rare and genuine purple and beige wool coat made from Hudson's Bay Company point blanket.-2 pockets and 3 large buttons-Removable hood with buttonsSize: LargeSleeves: 30 "Chest: 45 "Waist: 48 "Hips: 53 "Length: 32 "-Slight fading at the collar-Mini stains on the tip of the left side collar and near the second button- Wear on the right forearm and the buttonholes-4 white lines inside near the buttons-Inside linning stitched at the right armpit100% WoolMade in Canada..

Polar coat /jacket


52.00 $

Short ivory polar jacket / coat with brown faux fur collar-ZipperSize: SmallShoulders: 19.5 "Sleeves: 18 "Chest: 40 "Waist: 36 "Length: 21.5 " Unknown fibers..

Hudson's Bay Coat


625.00 $

Rare and genuine Hudson’s Bay Company point blanket coat.-Iconic multi stripe colours. -Flap pockets and hand warmer pockets, -Double breasted button closures and belt. Made in Canada. Size: LargeShoulders: 21 ”Sleeves: 25 ”Chest: 48 ”Waist: 48 ”Length: 34.5 ”..

Hudson's Bay coat


525.00 $

Hudson Bay red wool coat with black band-Point blanket -Double breasted-Maho collar-2 pocketsSize: XlargeShoulders: 22 ”Sleeves: 28 ”to 30”Chest: 46 ”Length: 45 ”100% woolMade in Canada..

Cowichan cardigan


175.00 $

Cowichan black hand knitted jacket with green and red pattern-Crica 1950- Pheasant hunting pattern with dog and hunter-Zipper-2 front pocketsSize: XlargeShoulders: 22 ”Sleeves: 28 ”Waist: 42 ”Length: 29 ”100% Wool..

Coat with fur collar Coat with fur collar Coat with fur collar


250.00 $

Teal wool coat with fur collar-Circa 1950- Round fur collar-Line in A-2 pockets and buttons-3/4 sleeves-Small snags; 2 slightly sewn back on the lower right part of the coat and one on the end of the right sleeve.Size: MediumShoulders: 18”Arms: 21”Chest: 40 ”Waist: 42 ”Length: 38 ”WoolFur colar..

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